Console and GUI applications of Core Java | Core Java Tutorials

This Core Java Tutorials “Console and GUI applications” explains clearly about Console based java applications and GUI applications like Applets and Swings.


  • Java Technology is used to develop applications.
  • We can develop both Standalone and Web applications because it is Platform Independent.
  • Using basic concepts of java (core), we can develop only standalone applications.
  • We have 3 types of standalone applications.


Pure console applications:

  • Application runs from command prompt.
  • Pure console based applications must be executed from the environment of Operating System.
  • Command knowledge is required (DOS commands) to run applications.
  • These applications Run by Java Virtual Machine.


Applets :

  • Basic GUI based applications.
  • Run by either “Applet viewer” or “Browser interpreter”
  • Applets can be run with HTML Technology.
  • These are dependent to native code(Operating System code).
  • Also called Heavy weight components programming.
  • For example I want to create a button using Applets, it uses Operating System code to construct button.
  • Consider OS(I am using Windows) develop by using .net language then Java Button created based on .Dot-Net Programming language.


Swings :

  • Solution to all the problems of Applets.
  • Swings API is extension to Java API.
  • Swings API contains Independent GUI classes.
  • Using Swings, we can develop pure java standalone applications.
  • Swings applications run by “Java Virtual Machine”
  • These are independent to Operating System.
  • Swing applications are called Light weight components(because no dependent with OS).

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