ASCII Character System in C Language

This ASCII Character System in C language page explains about character system with ASCII example. This post also explains why character occupies 1 byte memory and why standalone application supports ASCII character system.


What is ASCII?

  • Generally, compiler needs to convert all the symbols of java source file into class file.
  • To convert all the characters of 1 language into machine code, compiler uses character system.
  • Character system introduced along with computer languages.
  • We have so many character systems but Popular one is “ASCII”
  • Character system represents all the symbols of one language using constant integer values.



  • The best example that describes any language in this world is having not more than 256 symbols (for example keyboard).
  • C & C++ languages need to represent only one language character system at a time. Because these languages used to develop only standalone applications.
  • ASCII can represent all the symbols of one language using 1 byte.
  • In the following diagram standalone application (OS) supports “n” number of languages but at a time it has to represent only one language.
  • Suppose in our mobile, at a time we can select only language (radio button) hence it is also standalone.
  • To represent one language character set completely, I byte (256) number enough.


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