Basic C Language Interview Questions

This Basic C Language Interview Questions post providing all the interview questions including what is the programming language need of programming language, dependency, in-dependency, about standalone and web applications, header file and much more.

 Basic C Language Interview Questions

What is Programming Language?
A pre defined application software
Standalone Application
Used to develop applications.

Need of programming Language?
Used to communicate with Machines
To Develop applications.

What is Platform?
Platform is Operating System
It can be Virtual like JVM(Java virtual Machine).
It is the head of Machine and runs any application from its environment.

What is the Standalone application?
Runs on Single OS
Must be Installed on machine
Examples.. Media players, anti-virus, notepad, Browsers..

Is C language Standalone or Web application?
Every programming language is Standalone application
We need to download and install programming language software to develop applications

Why C applications become standalone apps?
C and C++ compilers are platform dependent.
These compilers convert source code into a specific OS understandable code only.
Hence compiler code becomes standalone

What is a Web application?
An application which runs on a network where more than one system is connected.
No need to install web application on any machine
Generally, these applications deployed in Servers.

What is IDE?
Stands for Integrated Development Environment
Used to write, compile and run programs easily using any programming language.

Why we use Blue screen software to develop C applications?
As a basic programmer, it is bit complex process of writing, compiling and executing the application from OS environment(DOS). Hence we use IDE(blue screen) to develop C applications easily.

What is Header file?
Library is a collection of Header files
The header file is a collection of related functions.
Header files can be connected from C application using #include directive.

How to include Header files?
Using #include pre-processor directive.
#include<file name> is for pre-defined header files
#include”file name” is for user defined header files

What is Modular Programming?
Dividing the entire application into blocks is Called Modular programming.
De bugging and Implementation become easy with modular programming.

What is Compiler?
A pre-defined application software.
Serves the programmer to convert source code into machine code.
sub software in a programming language.

What is an interpreter ?
A pre-defined program
converts byte code into a specific OS understandable instruction set.
C doesn’t contain interpreters.

Does main() function mandatory in C program?
Every C program execution starts from main() only
OS invokes main() to start execution.
When the application is a collection of programs, we need to define main() inside only one program.

What happens if no main() function in C-app?
Program compiles successfully
Error while executing the application as “Un reference to main()” to start execution.

Who will execute C-application?
Operating system invokes main() to start application execution.

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