About Basic Core Java Interview Questions and Answers

This Basic Core Java Interview Questions and Answers page provides all the basic interview questions of core java including what is the compiler, interpreter, what is the programming language, need of programming language and much more.

Basic Core Java Interview Questions and Answers

Is Java Standalone or Web application?
Java(JDK) software is a standalone application.
We need to install JDK software to develop applications.
JDK kit is dependent on the platform.
Using Java, we can develop both standalone and web applications.

What is Platform dependency?
Platform means Operating System.
C and C++ languages are platform dependent.
Using Platform dependent languages we can develop the standalone application.
Standalone applications run on a single platform.

What is Platform in-dependency?
Java and .Net languages are the examples of Platform independent languages.
Using these type of technologies we can develop web applications.
Web applications independent to platform and run on any Operating System.

What is API(Application Program Interface?
Generally referred as Library.
The interface is nothing but, working with a method or class without knowing the background details.
Here, we are working with library things without a look into the code. Hence called as Program interface.

What is JIT(Just In Time interpreter)?
Translates JVM understandable code into a specific machine understandable code.
Works under JVM.
Works in Virtual Environment.

What is Variable?
Named memory location.
Setting identities or labels to memory locations by which we can access the information effectively.

What is Block?
Set of Instructions having no identity…..
We cannot call explicitly (because of no identity)….
JVM invokes implicitly every block in the process of application execution…….

What is Method?
A block of instructions having Identity.
Every method is taking input, processing input and returns output.
Every method must be called explicitly (using its identity).

What Java class name starts with Capital letter?
Java API is having thousands of pre-defined classes
It is convention rule “CAMEL CASE WITH NO SPACE”.
In case of pre-defined class, we must follow this rule.
If it is user class, naming convention rule is optional.

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