About C Interview Questions on Data Types

This C Interview Questions on Data types post provides all the frequently asked interview questions including definition of data type, signed and unsigned data types, limits, characters systems, ASCII  and much more.

C Interview Questions on Data Types

What is data type?
Represents “Type of data to be stored”

What has signed int?
signed variables used to represent both positive and negative values.

What unsigned data type?
unsigned variables used to store only positive values in the application.

What are limits of signed short data type?
min value : -32768
max value : +32767

What is unsigned short max value?

What is the use of limits.h file?
limits.h header file providing a set of pre defined variables represents limits of a data type.

What is the maximum value we can store into unsigned char type?

How can we find the size of data type?
Using sizeof( ) function.

what is character system?
Represent all the symbols of a language using constant integer values.

what is ASCII?
Stands for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange
One of the examples of Character Systems.

How can we store a character into 1-byte memory?
Every language at most having 256 symbols.
ASCII range always between 0 to 255
Hence we can store any character using 1-byte memory using its ASCII value.

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