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This C Interview Questions-Functions page providing information about all the interview questions on Function in c language including the definition of a function, prototype of the function, calling functions, parameters passing, advantages of functions and much more.

C Interview Questions-Functions

What is a function?
Block of instructions having identity
Taking input, processing input and produce output.

Advantages of function?
Used to implement modularity programming.
The advantage of the function is “Code re-usability”.

What is the main() function?
C program execution starts from the main function.

What is function prototype?
Declaration of the function is called a prototype.
The prototype of function provides information about user functions in C programming.

What are arguments of function?
The function is taking input is called arguments.
It is also called signature of the function.

What are function parameters?
Parameters are values which are passed in the function call.

Difference between Function definition and call?
The function definition is a block and contains logic to perform a task.
The function call is a statement and used to execute definition of logic.

Can we call the main function explicitly?
Yes, we can.
But it results in the infinite iteration.

What is Recursion?
Calling a function from the definition of same functions inc called recursion.
Function calling itself.

What is void data type?
void represents nothing.
we can use void data type if we don’t want to return data in the definition of the function.

What are function parameters?
passing input values while calling any function is called parameters.

How many arguments can a function have?
No limit
we can pass as many as arguments we can define depends on application requirement.

What is the difference between return and exit()?
“return” statement sends the control out of function
“exit()” statement sends the control out of the program.

What is the difference between break & return?
“break” statement terminates the execution of loop
“return” statement used to return control from the function.

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