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This  Post provides most frequently asked c Interview questions on graphics concept. Very useful for the Learners to get familiar with Graphics

C Interview Questions on Graphics

What is the use of kbhit() function?
returns a zero value until we press any key on the keyboard.
Used to execute a block of instructions as long as we don’t press any key.

How to implement GUI in C ?
Using graphic.h header file functionality.

How to change drawing color in Graphics?
setcolor() to change drawing color

How to set background color?
setbkcolor() to change background color.

What is the use of initgraph() function?
Used to initiate GUI console mode to write graphics programs.

How to display messages on GUI console?
Using either outtext() or outtextxy() functions.

How to set characteristics to Text?
Using settextstyle() function.

How to clear window in GUI?
Using cleardevice() function.

What is the use of delay() function?
Used to stop execution process for specified number of milliseconds.

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