Character Data type in C language

This Character Data type in C Language page provides complete information about character type in C language with suitable examples.


Char data type:

  • Character occupies 1 byte memory in C language
  • Character data type can be either signed or unsigned
  • Signed char ranging from -128 to +127
  • Unsigned char ranging from 0 to 255
  • Using signed char type, we process very small integer data in 1 byte range
  • Character data processing using by “unsigned data type”

Why char data type limits discussion in integers?
To represent character set of any language in integers.

How can we store a symbol into 1 byte memory in C or C++?
A language at most having 256 symbols(1 byte range)

What is character system?
A character system represents all the symbols of one language using constant integer values.

                char ch=’A’;
                printf(“%c = %d \n”,ch,ch);

                char ch=612;
                printf(“%c \n”,ch);

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