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This Core Java Free Tutorials “Class in Java” is providing definition, importance of class in java application and types of objects represented by different models in java.



  • A class is a complete representation of real world entity (Object).


Class can be described as:

  • Pre-defined keyword.
  • User-defined data type(Extension to structure data type).
  • Blue-print/Plan/Model of Object.
  • Collection of Variables and Methods.
  • Collection of objects(Possibility).


class in Java


  • Different type of Objects participate in the process of communication.
  • These classes can be represented by following classes.
  1. POJO class
  2. Bean class
  3. Mutable class
  4. Immutable class
  5. Final class
  6. Abstract class
  7. Interface
  8. Factory class
  9. Singleton class
  10. Generic class
  11. Annotation
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