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This Java Online Training “Class Loader Sub System in Java” is providing how to define a class with API class name and how to access duplicate classes from different packages and about Class Loader Sub System in Java.


Can we define a class with the same name of java-API class?

  • Yes allowed.
  • Pre-defined class belongs to pre defined packages.
  • User defined packages belongs to user packages.
  • In java programming, it is allowed to defined same class in different packages and can be accessed using Fully Qualified Name.

Class Loader Sub System in Java


  • Class loader sub system is the pre-defined program.
  • It loads the required class files into JVM
  • It gives first priority to Current Working Directory (local drive).
  • If class is not present in CWD, then it searches in API.


  • Once we practiced above application, please delete System related files.
  • if not deleted, every time it collects the information of System class from local drive.

Delete related files

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