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This Java Tutorials “Constructor Chaining in Java Inheritance” explains clearly how to connect constructors in Parent Child relation using this() method and super().


Constructor Chaining in Parent-Child:

  • If we don’t define any constructor inside the class, compiler supplies a default constructor.
  • Java ‘Default constructor’ is a zero args constructor-Empty body.


Note : Compiler will not add any default constructor if we define any constructor inside the class.


Note : We need to take care of all the constructor availability in constructor chaining process among Parent-child object creation.


Note : In the process of constructor chaining in Parent-Child classes, we need to check all the constructors available or not.


  • In the following example, we defined 4 constructors in Parent and Child class.
  • We can connect all the constructors in the instantiation of Child class in 4 ways.
  • Note that, call to either super() or this() must be the first statement in the constructor.
  • That means we can connect only one constructor from another constructor.

Connect constructors in Parent-Child relation



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