Core Java Interview Questions-Final Modifier

This Core Java Interview Questions-Final Modifier page giving information about all the core java interview questions on final modifier including what is final keyword, where we can apply final modifier, how to access final class, why final and abstract combination is not allowed in java and many more.

What is “final” in Java ?
“final” is a keyword and modifier in java.

What is the use of final modifier in java?
final modifier is used to restrict updating permissions of class, method and variable.

Where we can apply final modifier?
It can be applied to class, variables and methods.

What happens if class is final?
“final” class cannot be extended.
Only leaf classes in the hierarchichy can be defined as final.

What is Method overriding?
Defining a method in Child class with same name and same signature of Parent class method.

What is the use of re-writing(override) a method?
Method overriding is used to update the Parent object functionality in Child class.

Can we override final method?
“final” method cannot be overridden.
overriding is the concept of updating functionality(that has restricted if method is final).

What if we modify final variable?
“final” variable cannot be modified.
Constant variables in the java application can be defined as final.

Can we override constructor ?
Not allowed.
Constructor name and class name should be same.

Can we apply final keyword to constructor?
Not allowed.

Why constructor cannot be final?
We can’t update the constructor anyway, hence no need apply final again.

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