Core Java Interview Questions-IOStreams

This core java interview questions–IOStreams page provides all the interview questions on java IOStreams including data streams, byte streams, character streams, object streams, buffered streams, serialization, the importance of data streaming in java application.

What is Data stream ?
Data stream is a flow of data from primary memory to secondary memory and secondary memory to
primary memory either locally or globally.

What are Byte Streams ?
Used to process information byte by byte.

What type of files we can process using Byte streams?
Used to process binary data like images, audio files ….

What are Character Streams ?
Used to process UNICODE text files.
Used to process information 2 bytes at a time.

What are the main classes of Byte streams ?
Main classes are InputStream and OuputStream.
These classes are abstract classes.

What are the concrete classes of Byte streams?
FileInputStream and FileOutputStream are the concrete extensions of InputStream and OutputStream abstract classes.

What are top level Character Streams classes ?
Reader and Writer classes
These classes are abstract classes.

What are the concreate classes of Character streams?
FileReader and FileWriter are the extensions of Reader and Writer classes.

What are object streams ?
Used to process the information object by object.

What are object stream classes? interface. class. class.

What are Buffered streams?
Used to process the information using temporary memory area called buffer.
The processed data will be saved permanently only when we close the buffer properly.

What kind of variables will not participate in Serialization process?
transient and static variables.

What is Bean class ?
Class follows all the POJO rules
Class must implements Serializable interface.

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