Core Java Interview Questions – Nonstatic Members

This Core Java Interview Questions-Non Static Members page is providing frequently asked interview questions on non-static members in java language including non-static variables, methods, constructors, Objects memory allocation locations and much more.

What is non-static in Java?
Specific functionality of Object is called java.

How to access non-static members in java?
Using object address.

Where can we create the object for class?
Using any one of 4 static members(static block, static variable, static user method or static main method.

What is objects creation location in JVM?
Heap memory.

What is Non-Static variable?
Declaration of the variable inside the class and outside of all the methods and blocks.

How to initialize the non-static variable?
The non-static variable must be initialized using the constructor.
It gets memory allocation inside the object and implicitly initializes with default values.

How to access non-static variable?
Using object address.

What is Non-static block?
Block of instructions having no identity.

Can we call non-static block explicitly?
No, it doesn’t have the identity.
JVM invokes non-static block implicitly.

When non-static block executes in java application?
Non-static block executes as soon as the object has created.

Among non-static block and constructor, which one executes first?
Non-static block and then constructor.

What is instance block in java?
Another name of the non-static block.

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