Core Java Interview Questions – OOPS

This Core Java Interview Questions-OOPS page provides all the frequently asking java interview questions from Object Oriented programming including features of Object Oriented programming, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction with clear answers for each question.

What is Object Oriented Programming?
Introducing real world communication implementation in application development.

What are Object Oriented features?

Is java fully Object Oriented Programming Language?
No, Java allows primitive data types.

Examples of Fully Object Oriented programming languages?
Small talk and Ruby.

How to implement Object-oriented functionality in Java application?
Using class and object.

What is Object?
Real world entity having Identity, State, and Behavior.

What is Class?
Complete representation of Object called Plan or Model or Blueprint.

What is Encapsulation?
Writing Data(variables) and Code(methods) into a single unit.
Encapsulation is the concept of protecting Object information.

What is Inheritance?
Inheritance is the concept of extending(updating) existing object functionality into a new Object.
It is also called “Is-A relation”.

What is Abstraction?
Hiding un-necessary details of the object and shows only essential features in the process of communication.

What is Polymorphism?
Defining an object(class) that shows different behavior(methods) with one identity.
Java supports Compile-time and Runtime polymorphism.

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