Core Java Interview Questions

About Core Java Interview Questions

This Core Java Interview Questions and Training page providing hundreds of interview questions frequently asking in all the java interviews including basics, static members, non-static members, packages, command line arguments, Object-oriented programming, abstraction, interfaces, inner classes, exception handling, multithreading, garbage collection, string handling, collections, applets, swings and much more.


Core Java Interview Questions Overview

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  1. Basic core java interview questions and answers
  2. Main() Method in Java
  3. Data Types in Java
  4. Static in Java
  5. Non Static in Java
  6. Constructors in Java
  7. Access Modifiers
  8. Wrapper Classes
  9. Command Line Arguments
  10. OOPS
  11. This Keyword
  12. Inheritance
  13. Super Keyword
  14. Final Keyword
  15. Abstract Classes
  16. Interfaces
  17. Polymorphism
  18. Packages
  19. Strings
  20. Exception Handling
  21. Arrays
  22. Multithreading
  23. Garbage Collection
  24. Inner Classes
  25. File Handling
  26.  IOStreams
  27. Serialization
  28. Generics
  29. Collections
  30. ArrayList, LinkedList and Vector
  31. Hashtable, HashSet, LinkedHashSet and TreeSet
  32. HashMap, LinkedHashMap and TreeMap
  33. Queue interface
  34. Networking
  35. Applets


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