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Core Java Tutorials Overview

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  1. Introduction to Java
    1. Introduction to Programming Languages
    2. Why Java / .Net instead of C / C++ ?
    3. Java v/s .Net
    4. Why C applications become Standalone?
    5. History of Java?
    6. Versions of Java Development Kit(JDK)
    7. JDK includes
    8. Platform in dependency
  2. Java application structure 
    1. Introduction to Object oriented Programming
    2. What is Object?
    3. What is Class?
    4. Structure of Java application?
    5. Contexts of Java application?
  1. Class Members
    1. Class Members in java
    2. Variables introduction
    3. Methods introduction
    4. Blocks introduction
  2. Naming Conventions
  3. First java application
  4. Data types in Java?
    1. Introduction to Data types
    2. Limits and Size of data types
    3. Character data type
    4. ASCII and UNICODE
    5. Type Casting in Java
    6. Programs on Type casting
    7. Explicit Casting Programs in Java
  5. Static Members / Class Members
    1. Introduction to Static Members
    2. Static main method
    3. Static Block
    4. Local Variable
    5. JVM Architecture in Java
    6. Static Variable in Java
    7. Static Variable v/s Local Variable
    8. Static Block v/s Static Variable
    9. Static User method
    10. Programs on static members
    11. Connecting classes using static members
  6. Non-Static Members / Object Members
    1. Introduction to Non-Static Members
    2. List of Non static Members 
    3. Create object inside main method
    4. Default constructor
    5. this keyword
    6. Object reference variable
    7. Why ‘this’ can be used only inside Non static context?
    8. User defined data type in Java
    9. Create object inside static block
    10. Create object as static variable
    11. Create object inside static user method
    12. Object initialization using constructor
    13. Non static user method
    14. Connecting classes using non static members
    15. System.out.println();
  7. Wrapper classes
    1. Introduction to Wrapper classes
    2. Primitive To Object conversion (Boxing)
    3. Object To Primitive conversion (Un boxing)
    4. Primitive To String conversion
    5. Object To String conversion
    6. String to Primitive conversion
    7. String to Object conversion
    8. Need of String data Conversions
    9. Wrapper classes constructors
    10. Fields of Wrapper classes
  8. Scanner class
  9. Random class
  10. Command Line arguments 
    1. Introduction to Command Line arguments
    2. Command line arguments example codes
  11. Access Modifiers
    1. Introduction to Access Modifiers
    2. Why class cannot be private?
    3. Why class cannot be protected?
    4. Access modifiers table
    5. Access modifiers programs
  12. Packagescore-java-online-training-2
    1. Introduction to Packages
    2. How to create Package?
    3. Connect Same Package classes
    4. import statement in Java
    5. Why public class name and file name should be same?
    6. Connect different package classes
    7. Fully Qualified Name
    8. Class Loader sub system
    9. Creating sub packages
  13. Object Oriented Programming
    1. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
    2. Object and Class
    3. Encapsulation in Java
    4. this keyword
    5. this() method / Constructor chaining
    6. Access Static members in Java application.
    7. Access Non static members of Java application.
  14. Inheritance in Java
    1. Introduction to Inheritance
    2. Types of Inheritance in java
    3. Single inheritance in java
    4. Multi Level inheritance in java
    5. Object creation process in inheritance
    6. Method Overriding
    7. Hierarchical Inheritance
    8. super keyword
    9. super() method
    10. Constructor chaining in Is-A relation
    11. Accessing protected members of Parent class
  15. Final Modifier in Java
  16. Abstraction in Java
    1. Introduction to Abstract classes
    2. Main method in Abstract class
    3. Accessing non static members of Abstract class
    4. super() method in abstract class
    5. Abstract , Static and Final modifiers
  17. Interfaces in java
    1. Introduction to interfaces
    2. Object creations of interface
    3. Static Members of Interface
    4. How class implements interface?
    5. Class – Abstract class – Interface relations
    6. Why interface must be present after its implementation?
  18. Polymorphism in Java
    1. Introduction to polymorphism
    2. Runtime Polymorphism
    3. Object Casting in Java
  19. Exception Handling in Java
    1. Introduction to Exception Handling
    2. Default Exception Handler
    3. Exception code programs
    4. Exception Hierarchy
    5. Handling exception using try-catch
    6. try with Multiple catch blocks
    7. Rules in Handling Parent-Child Exceptions
    8. Checked and Un checked Exceptions
    9. Finally block in Java
    10. User defined exceptions
    11. throw keyword
    12. throws keyword
    13. Application that describes where to use Exceptions
  20. Multi Threading in Java
    1. Multi tasking v/s Multi threading
    2. How to create Thread?
    3. Thread Life cycle
    4. Single threaded application
    5. Multi threaded application
    6. sleep() method
    7. Why can’t we call run() method directly?
    8. Thread Priorities
    9. Thread identities in java
    10. join() method in java threads
    11. Execution time of Single threaded application
    12. Execution time of Multi threaded application
    13. Thread information in Java
    14. Daemon Threads in Java
    15. Thread synchronization
    16. synchronized block
    17. Create Thread using Runnable interface
  21. Has-A relation in Java
  22. Garbage Collection in Java
    1. Introduction to Garbage collection
    2. Process of Garbage collection
    3. finalize() method in Object class
    4. Garbage collection program
    5. Why JVM will not start GC-thread properly?
    6. Requesting JVM to start Garbage collector using System.gc();
  23. Factory class
  24. Factory Design pattern
  25. Singleton class
  26. Runtime class / JVM class
    1. Introduction to Runtime class
    2. Instantiation of Runtime class
    3. Requesting JVM to start Garbage collector using Runtime.gc();
    4. Size of Heap memory and JVM memory
    5. Increase and Decrease the size of Heap and JVM memory
  27. String Handling in Java
    1. Introductioncore-Java-online-Training-4
    2. String Immutability
    3. String Pool Area
    4. String operations using pre-defined functions
    5. User defined Immutable class
    6. StringBuffer class
    7. StringBuilder class
    8. StringTokenizer class
  28. Inner classes in Java
    1. Introduction
    2. static inner class
    3. non static inner class
    4. Accessing private members of inner class from outer class
    5. Accessing private members of outer class from inner class
    6. local inner class
    7. anonymous inner class
    8. Create thread using anonymous inner class
  29. IOStreams in Java
    1. Introduction to IOStreams
    2. Byte streams in Java
    3. Character streams in Java
    4. Object streams in Java / Serialization
    5. Buffered streams in java
    6. Array streams in java
    7. Data streams in java
    8. PrintStream class in Java
  30. File Handling in Java
    1. Introduction to File Handling
    2. Create File in Java
    3. Create Directory or Sub-directory in Java
    4. Delete File or Directory
    5. Renaming File or Directory
    6. File permissions in Java
  31. AWT, Applets and Swings
    1. Introduction to Applets
    2. Dis-advantages of Applets
    3. Introduction to Swings
    4. Create user defined Frame using Swings
    5. Swing Buttons
    6. Event Listeners
    7. Implement ActionListener using Frame class
    8. Implement ActionListener using Anonymous inner class
    9. Swing components


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