Data Structures Online Training

We are providing world class Data structures and Algorithms online training from basic level to Application implementation level. Online training covers all the algorithms such as Stack, Queue, Linked Lists, Trees , Graphs, Sorting and Searching techniques and much more.



  1. Pointers in C
  2. Dynamic Memory Allocation in C
  3. Introduction to Data Structures
  4. Abstract Data Type (ADT)
  5. Stacks
    1. Stack ADT
    2. Stack implementation using static Arrays
    3. Stack implementation using dynamic Arrays
    4. Applications of stack
  6. Queues
    1. Queue ADT
    2. Queue implementation using static Arrays
    3. Queue implementation using dynamic Arrays
  7. Circular Queue Algorithm
    1. Circular Queue Program
  8. Double Ended Queue (Deque) Algorithm
    1. Deque Program
  9. Linked Lists
    1. Introduction to Linked List
    2. Single Linked List algorithm
    3. Implementation of single linked list
    4. Stack implementation using single linked list
    5. Queue implementation using single linked list
    6. How to swap two node values in single linked list
    7. How to swap two nodes in single linked list
  10. Double linked list Algorithm
    1. Double linked list Program
  11. Circular linked list Program
  12. Expression Evaluation
    1. Introduction to Notations
    2. Infix to Postfix conversion algorithm
    3. Infix to Postfix conversion examples
    4. Infix to Postfix conversion program
    5. Infix to Prefix conversion algorithm
    6. Infix to Prefix conversion examples
    7. Infix to Prefix conversion program
    8. Prefix to Postfix conversion algorithm
    9. Prefix to Postfix conversion program
    10. Postfix to Prefix conversion algorithm
    11. Postfix to Prefix conversion program
  13. Introduction to Trees
    1. Binary search tree algorithm
    2. Binary search tree program
    3. In-order, pre-order, post-order traversal of BST
  14. Graphs
    1. Graph data structure
    2. Breadth First Search
    3. Depth First Search
    4. Graph program
  15. AVL tree rotations
  16. Red-Black tree rotations
  17. Searching algorithms
    1. Linear search
    2. Binary search
    3. Hash search
  18. Sorting algorithms
    1. Bubble sort
    2. Selection sort
    3. Insertion sort
    4. Heap sort
    5. Merge sort
    6. Quick sort
  19. Time Complexity
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