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This  JDBC Online Training “Statement interface executeUpdate() in JDBC” explains clearly how to work with execute Update() method in Statement interface in JDBC application development.


int executeUpdate(String SQL) :

  • Used to execute DML commands like insert, update and delete commands in Database.
  • Returns int value that represents number of rows affected by the execution of the SQL statement.


Create table in the database :

create table onlinestudent(sno number , sname varchar2(20) , sfee number);


Insert data into table :

  1. SQL> insert into onlinestudent values(101 , ‘Raam’ , 5000);
  2. SQL> insert into onlinestudent values(102 , ‘Robert’ , 4000);
  3. SQL> insert into onlinestudent values(103 , ‘Rahim’ , 6000);





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