Introduction to HTML

This Introduction to HTML  page provides all the introduction to HTML language in Web technologies including the importance of HTML language, what is HyperText and Locations of the HTML page and how HTML code will be interpreted.


  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • “HyperText” means the text which is displayed on the webpage.
  • “Mark Up” means tag-based language.
  • It is a client-side scripting language.
  • HTML providing number of elements to design the web pages.
  • Examples of elements are HTML, HEAD, BODY….
  • It is case insensitive.
  • Every browser contains interpreter to execute HTML code.
  • HTML language is used to develop web pages(client-side user screen to interact with application).
  • The following form describes what type of web pages we can design, using HTML tags.


html sample form

>Learn HTML tags – HTML tutorial<

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