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This Core Java Free Tutorials “Introduction to Packages in Java” is providing introduction to packages concept in java including definition of package, syntax of package and pre-defined library package structure.


Packages in Java:

  • package is a Java Folder or Directory.
  • package is a related group of classes, abstract classes and interfaces.
  • Creating folders is to combine the related information. So that we can access effectively.
  • Java API (library) is providing thousands of classes to implement Java applications easily.
  • Every class belongs to a specified pre-defined package.
  • Package naming convention “SINGLE WORD-SMALL CASE”. For example java, lang, net, util, io…..
  • “java” is the super package of all.

Library packages in Java


Note :

  • “lang” package is called default package in java.
  • “lang” package classes available directly to every java application.
  • These classes mainly used by basic java programmer for basic java application development.
  • System, String, Byte, Integer…. belongs to “lang” package….


Create User defined package:

  • “package” is the pre-defined keyword to create user-defined packages in java application.


Syntax :

package  <Identity> ;

Example :

package  nit ;


Note : Package statement must be the first statement in java source file.

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