Introduction to Java Language | Core Java Tutorials

This Core Java Tutorials “Introduction to Java” post is explaining complete information about definition and need of programming languages.


What is language?

  • Language is to communicate.
  • Communication is the process of transformation data between objects.
  • For this communication, we will use general languages such as English, Telugu, Hindi


What is Programming language?

  • It is pre-defined application software.
  • It is standalone application.


Need of computer language?

  • Communication is possible using a language.
  • We need to communicate with the machine to perform complex operations(finding 120! as shown in diagram) in an easy way
  • Directly we cannot pass machine understandable instructions to communicate.
  • Hence we need to write programs using any high level language(source code)
  • Machine can’t understand source code.
  • Compiler is the pre-defined program that translates Source code into Machine code.



  • As a programmer, we need to develop applications/interfaces.
  • Using interfaces every End-user can easily interact with the machine without having background knowledge.
  • Interface is nothing but application/software.
  • A screen which provides instructions to end-user to perform the transaction.


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