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This Core Java Tutorials “Java API documentation” post is providing clear information about all the pre-defined classes and interface available in Java Library.


Java API:

  • When we install Java Development Kit, library will be installed along with jdk.
  • Library is a collection of packages.
  • Package is a collection of classes and interfaces.
  • Library is renamed as API.
  • API stands for Application Program Interface.
  • Every application must be referred technically “Application Program”.
  • “Interface” is nothing but communicating with Object without having the complete information of Object.
  • To develop our “Application Program” we can use all the pre-defined things of API.
  • Means we are developing application using Library(interface) without knowledge of pre-defined things.
  • We can’t see the information of classes and interfaces directly, because class files are in binary format.
  • ORACLE Corporation provides documentation of all these classes.
  • API provides complete information of Library things as a website as follows.


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