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This Core Java Tutorials “Java Development Kit Includes” post providing information about elements of Java software includes Compiler program, java API, JRE, JIT and JDK with clear explanation.


Installation of JDK:

  • The following diagram describes, what are the things will be installed into machine when we install JDK-kit.


  • A pre-defined program.
  • Converts Source code into byte code.
  • It is JVM dependent.
  • Byte code is understandable by any JVM.



  • Stands for Application Program Interface.
  • Generally referred as Library.
  • Java language is providing many pre-defined classes and interfaces to develop application easily.



  • Stands for Java Run time Environment.
  • To execute any program “Environment setup” is required.
  • For example to take the java class, we need class room environment and to watch a movie – theater environment ….
  • C and C++ applications run in Original OS environment.
  • But java and .net applications having their own environments called JVM(Java Virtual Machine)….



  • Stands for Just In-time interpreter.
  • Translates JVM understandable code into a specific machine understandable code.
  • Works under JVM.
  • Works in Virtual Environment.
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