Why Java or .Net instead of C and C++?  | Core Java Tutorials

This Core Java Tutorials “Why Java instead of C” post explains clearly what is the difference between C and Java programming languages and explains clearly about standalone application as well as web application.


Why Java?

  • C and C++ languages are platform dependent languages.
  • Using C and C++ languages, we can develop only standalone apps.


Standalone application :

  • Runs on a single Machine.
  • Runs on a single Operating system.
  • Installation is required to use the application.
  • Examples like ms-office, browsers, players…..


Web application :

  • Runs in a network where more than one system connected.
  • Runs Independent to Operating System
  • Installation is not required to run.
  • Examples like, gmail, facebook, youtube …..


  • All the programming languages are pre-defined applications.
  • And these applications are standalone.
  • We must install programming language into machine dependents on Operating System.


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