JavaScript Terminology – JavaScript Tutorial

This “JavaScript Terminology” post explains clearly how to access elements of Javascript, objects of javascript, dot syntax, how to combine object and its property and much more.

Dot Syntax in JavaScript:

  • It is used to combine terms.
  • for example
     Object and its property like “window.location”;
         Object and its Method like document.write(“Hello World”);
  • Objects refer to windows, documents, images, tables, forms, buttons or links, etc.
  • Objects should be named.
  • Objects have properties that act as modifiers.
  • Properties are object attributes.Syntax: The object’s name, a period, and the property name.
    Ex : document.bgcolor


  • Methods are actions applied to particular objects such as things that what object can do.
  • For example, (index.htm)
         document.write(“text here”)


  • Events associate an object with an action.
  • JavaScript uses commands called event handlers to program events.
  • Event handlers place the string “on” before the event.
  • For example,


Note the following:

  • The JavaScript code we should include within the script declaration only.
  • Use the script tag to tell the browser you are using JavaScript.
  • There are so many different things that can go wrong with a script, be it human error, browser compatibility issues, or be operating.
  • So, when using JavaScript, be sure that you test your script out on a wide variety of systems and most importantly, on different web browsers.

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