Introduction to JDBC | JDBC Tutorials

This JDBC Tutorials “Introduction to JDBC” post is providing clear information about what is JDBC API and what are the elements help to connect with database from java application.



  • JDBC is Java application programming interface(API).
  • JDBC API enables Java programmers to communicate with DBMS.
  • DBMS(Oracle) manages data and performs CRUD operations.
  • It was developed by JavaSoft, a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems.
  • Used to execute SQL Queries(statements) to manipulate the data.
  • JDBC makes it possible to write database application that can run on different platforms to interact with different DBMSs.
  • Driver Manager is the backbone of the jdbc architecture.
  • Java Database Connectivity is similar to Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) which is used for accessing and managing database, but the difference is that JDBC is designed specifically for Java programs, where as ODBC doesn’t depends on any language.
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