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This Java Tutorials “Non Static members in java” post giving introduction to non static members in java including members, object creation and much more.


Non Static Members:

  • Specific functionality of Object in Java application must define as non static.
  • Non static members are…
    1. Non-static block
    2. Non-static variable
    3. Non-static method
    4. Constructor


Question : How can we access static members in Java?

  • Using class name.


Question : How can we access non-static members in java?

  • Using Object reference (address).


Where I can create object for a class?

  • Using any one of four static members.
  • Every java application having 2 contexts(static & non-static).
  • First we should enter into static context to work with any application.
  • By creating object in the static context, we can access non static functionality.


For example, in a Shopping Mall(application), to enter into non-static context(theater), we need to take permissions in static area(box-office).

Static and Non static contexts


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