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This Java Online Concepts “Object Casting in Java Runtime Polymorphism” is providing clear information about dynamic binding including up casting and down casting in java inheritance.


Up casting:

  • Storing Child object into Parent type object reference variable.
  • Up casting is implicit in java.
  • In case of Hierarchical and Multi-level inheritance, number of Child objects having single Parent.
  • Hence while up casting, no chance of deviation.


  • We cannot cast Parent object to Child.
  • It generates Runtime Error called ClassCastException.
  • The following example explains the concept clearly….


  • We can implement Runtime Polymorphism using Interfaces & Abstract classes.
  • Overriding specifications of interface and abstract class is the concept of Runtime polymorphism.
  • Overriding is the concept of Runtime binding.
  • Hence we use interfaces and abstract classes in to implement dynamic binding.

Down casting in Java

  • We can access Tenant1 using Owner
  • We can’t access Tenant1Friend functionality using Owner
  • Suppose if we access Tenant1Friend using Owner, results Error.
  • If ‘Owner’ pass that information to Tenant1 (Downcast), then accessing is possible.
  • Please go through diagram and implementation carefully.


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