Object Oriented Programming | Core Java Tutorials

This Core Java Tutorials “Object Oriented Programming” post is providing clear information about what is object orientation, why we are implementing applications in Object oriented point of view.


Object Orientation:

  • Java is Object Oriented Programming Language.
  • Features of Object Oriented Programming are
  1. Encapsulation
  2. Inheritance
  3. Abstraction
  4. Polymorphism


  • These features neither belong to java nor to any other language.
  • These features neither belong to java nor to any other language.These are global features.
  • Any language can adopt these features to become OOPL Examples, C++, java, .net, PHP……..


  • In any language, concept of OOP feature is same but implementation is according to syntax of language,
  • For example, I want to print a message in different languages….

In C : printf(“Hello”);
In C++ : cout>>”Hello”;
In Java : System.out.println(“Hello”);


  • Hence we mentioned above, only the way of implementation is different but the outcome is same.
  • In any language, we can implement these features using 2 things…
  1. Object
  2. Class


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