Platform In-dependency in Java | Core Java Tutorials

This Core Java Tutorials “Platform in-dependency” post providing clear information about what is platform in-dependency and how java application runs on different platforms.


Platform In-dependency:

  • Java is the Platform independent language.
  • Java compiler plays key role in in-dependency.
  • C compiler is platform dependent, hence it generates only a specific Operating System understandable instruction set.
  • Java compiler is dependent to JVM (virtual OS), hence it generates JVM understandable instructions.
  • JVM instructions once again interpreted by JIT into a specific Operating System understandable instructions.


  • In case of Standalone app, we need to install application and required software to run that application.
  • For example if we want to play a video in offline mode, we need video file and player.
  • But in case of web application, no need to maintain any information in client machine.
  • For example if we have data connection, we can play videos ( without having file and player in our machine.
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