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These JDBC Tutorials “PreparedStatement interface in JDBC” post explains clearly what is static query or parameter query and how to execute static queries using using PreparedStatement interface in jdbc applications.



  • PreparedStatement is an interface.
  • It is an extension of Statement interface.
  • PreparedStatement in static, hence we need to prepare the statement without values.
  • It is used to execute parameterized static query.
  • The performance of the application will be faster if you use PreparedStatement interface because query is compiled only once.


  • for example…..
              String query = “insert into online_student values(?,?,?)”;
  • Here ‘?’ is working like a variable by which we can pass parameter.
  • Passed value will be set by calling the setter methods of PreparedStatement.



  1. void setInt(int, int) : Sets the integer value to the given parameter index.
  2. void setString(int, String) : Sets the String value to the given parameter index.
  3. void setFloat(int, float) : Sets the float value to the given parameter index.
  4. void setDouble(int, double) : Sets the double value to the given parameter index.
  5. int executeUpdate() : Executes the query. It is used for create, drop, insert, update, delete etc.
  6. ResultSet executeQuery() : Executes the select query. It returns an instance of ResultSet.
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