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This JDBC Tutorial Videos “Select Command Program in JDBC” is providing how to retrieve the data from a database table into java application using ResultSet interface functionality.



  • ResultSet is used to retrieve table information in the form of object.
  • ResultSet is having pre-defined functionality to process Table information from object.



  • Used to Display Meta information of table.
  • Meta data represents Data about data of table like table_name, column_names, types_of_info etc.,

ResultSet methods to access table data


To process info, we use next() method in a loop(because how many need to process we can’t say directly)

boolean next() throws SQLException

  1. Moves the cursor forward one row from its current position.
  2. A ResultSet cursor is initially positioned before the first row.
  3. The first call to the method next makes the first row the current row.
  4. The second call makes the second row the current row, and so on.
  5. true if the new current row is valid, false if there are no more rows


next() method use in ResultSet interface



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