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This Java Training  “this() method in java” post explains clearly what is the use of this() method and how to connect constructors using this() method in java application.



  • this() is used to invoke current(same) class constructor explicitly.
  • Used to initialize an object via multiple constructors.
  • Connecting constructors using this(), is called “Constructor Chaining”.
  • We must use this() only inside another constructor of same class.
  • Call to this(), must be the first statement in another constructor.


  • We can connect number of constructors in the application.
  • The process of connecting constructors is the concept of ‘constructor chaining’.


  • Recursive constructor invocation is not allowed.
  • Recursion is the concept of calling constructor from the same constructor.
  • In case of recursion, JVM keep on creating objects in the heap memory in never ending process.


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