Thread Life Cycle in Java | Core Java Tutorials

This “Thread Life Cycle in Java” is providing clear information about how a thread life starts , executes and ends in java application which includes Runnable state, Running state , Waiting state and much more.


Life Cycle of Thread:

In the Life cycle process of Thread, Programmer & Scheduler will participate.

Creation: Programmer has created Thread class either by extending or by implementing…

Instantiation: Thread Object will be created to participate in the communication only when it is instantiated by the programmer.

Start: As soon as Thread Object is ready, it has to be started by the Programmer.

Runnable state: The started thread by the programmer need to wait in the Queue until Scheduler allocates Thread space in the processor to be executed.

Running state: Logic execution state

Waiting state: Another Queue state into which thread enters from running state for different reasons….

Dead state: The last stage of Thread into which Thread enters either by completing all the thread instruction or in case of abnormal termination.

Thread life cycle in Java


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