About DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

These are the 13 Top DevOps Interview Questions and Answers, very useful for the students and professionals to crack the interviews.

Answers to DevOps Interview Questions

Q1.Explain what is DevOps?


DevOps is a collaboration and communication of both Developers and other IT professionals. DevOps focus on faster product delivery and least failure rate of release.

Q2.What are the essential tools of DevOps?


  • Git : Version Control Tool
  • Jenkins : Integration Tool
  • Selenium : Testing Tool
  • Puppet, Chef, Ansible : Configuration Management and Deployment Tools
  • Nagios : Monitoring Tool
  • Docker : Containerization Tool

Q3.Roles of DevOps Engineer in Development?


  • Code development
  • Code coverage
  • Unit testing
  • Packaging

Q4.Roles of DevOps Engineer in Infrastructure?


  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Provisioning
  • Configuration
  • Orchestration

Q5.What are the benefits of DevOps in Technical perspective?


  • Software delivery is continuous.
  • Reduces Complexity in problems.
  • Faster approach to resolve problems
  • Manpower is reduced.

Q6.What are the benefis of DevOps in Business perspective?


  • High rate of delivery
  • Stable operation environment.
  • Enabling faster feature time to market.

Q7.The scope for SSH?


A Secure Shell that provides secured and encrypted mechanism to the users to log into systems and transfer files.

Q8.DevOps v/s Agile?


DevOps is a process as same as Agile. It is problem solving.

Q9.What is Vagrant in DevOps?


Vagrant is a tool that can create and manage environments for testing and developing software. It supports KVM(Kernel based Virtual Machine)

Q10.Which scripting language is most important for a DevOps?


A simple scripting language like Python knowledge is required for DevOps engineer.

Q11.What is the role of AWS in DevOps?


AWS is a cloud-based service provided by Amazon that ensures scalability through unlimited computing power and storage. AWS empowers IT enterprises to develop and deliver sophisticated products and deploy applications on the cloud.

Q12.What is Continuous Delivery?


Delivering the software for testing as soon as built by Continuous Integration)servers.

Q13.What is Git?


Git is a Distributed Version Control system used to track changes on file and allows us to revert back from those changes.

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