Try – Catch block in Java

This “Try – Catch block in Java Exceptions” page is providing information about use of try-catch block including syntax and how to handle exception using try-catch block.


Try-Catch :


  • It is a pre-defined keyword.
  • try-block contains doubt ful code that raised exception.
  • try-block create and throw an exception object in case of runtime error.



  • It is a keyword.
  • catch-block contains Exception handling code.
  • Catch block collects exception object address to be handled.
  • Catch block executes only in case of exception in try block.



1. Doubtful code that raises exception
2. Related info to exception
catch(<Exception_type> <identifier>)
Exception Handling code….

<Exception_type> specifies class name of Exception.
<Identifier> specifies object reference variable that hold exception object reference.


  • Exception object can be collected into Parent type variable.
  • Accessing Child using Parent reference is called Runtime Polymorphism.


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